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2AG: 3-year-olds T/Th mornings

Dear Forest/Green Room Threes Parents,

Our year has flown by in a flash!  The children adjusted to new routines and our schedule very smoothly this year, and we had a great year.   Our themes for the first few weeks were Getting to Know You/Family and My School and Friends.  Our themes for the rest of this school year are posted on our School Calendar (about 1 month at a time).  Please refer to that calendar for future themes.     Please refer  pl

As of January, we are now the Forest Room, and the classroom has been repainted and reorganized.  We also have made and installed new curtains in the classroom.  We hope you enjoy our new look on campus, inside and out!  

Thank you for sharing your sweet child with us!


Newsletter and Curriculum for Week of April 21st

Newsletter and Curriculum for Week of  April 28th

Newsletter and Curriculum for Week of May 5th

Newsletter and Curriculum for Week of May 12th


For the week of May 12th --  We hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!   As the weather is getting warmer and summer is coming, we will begin a unit on the ocean from now until the end of the school year.  This week our children will enjoy doing activities related to the theme "At the Beach" which will be all about sand, the ocean, and ocean animals.  Through the experiences provided by this theme, the children will learn the answers to:

  • What is the ocean?
  • How is the ocean different from a lake?
  • What animals live in the ocean?   

Learning activities planned to compliment this theme include:

  • Observing different kinds of seashells
  • Seeing, feeling and comparing the beach sand
  • Sorting, counting, and patterning seashells and fish shapes
  • Making an "Ocean on a paper plate"
  • Creating a scene of the ocean and its creatures
  • Having fun with "Fish Rubbing Plates"

We will also start creating decorations for our end of the school  year celebration.  This year we will transform our yard into an ocean scene.  Therefore, we will keep all our children's artwork for use in decorating our yard.  Thank you for your support!

Thank you for coming to our Parent Visiting Day on April 29th!  The children enjoyed doing their work with you on their special day at Montecito.


Classroom Field Trips:  We have several classroom field trips planned for this year, including a train ride with Cal Train and possibly a play at the CTC.   More information will be sent home as the dates get closer.  Parents come with their children to these adventurous field trips.  Please share with your teachers the field trips you are interested in attending with our class.


Sharing:  We have in class sharing Thursday of every week.  Usually sharing is not based on our weekly themes, but rather the children choose their own sharing each week based on their own interests.  Each child brings his/her sharing to class in a bag and they will talk about their sharing during the large circle time.  This helps children to develop language skills as they describe what they are sharing, and it builds confidence as well.

Classroom Snacks:  Our classroom snack time is at 10:00 am and we all sit together outside at the lunch tables.  Children help themselves and build their skills by pouring their own water and they make a choice of what they would like to eat.  Most snacks we provide are fruits, veggies, crackers and cheeses (and water, rather than juice).  We are aware of all allergies in this class, so we will not serve any foods that any children have allergies to.  Some parents provide a special snack for their children that we will serve to them if they have severe allergies or a personal food preference.  When a child has a birthday, the parents will provide a pre-approved birthday snack for the whole class to share about 1 week in advance.  This way, we can read the labels to make sure we don't serve certain foods to children with food allergies.  You may provide a special birthday snack for your child if you do not want your child to eat the birthday snacks available.  This helps your child to feel included in our wonderful birthday celebrations!

CONTACT US:  Do you have something to let us know about your child?  Please call or send us email.  We'd love to hear from you! (650) 968-5957 x104 OR via e-mail at montecitogreenroom2AG@gmail.com.

More information about our Buddy Bear program coming soon!

More information will be posted soon on this classroom page -- so thank you for your patience!. In the meantime, we are enjoying your children and look forward to their growth this school year.  We encourage you to share your thoughts, feedback and qeustions with your teachers and with our Director.  We would love to hear from you!

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