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2-year-olds T/Th mornings and afternoons - Meadow Room

Greetings from your Meadow Teachers!  Dear our Twos Meadow/Yellow Room Parents:  The children are diong well this year  and they have all transitioned.  

All our classroom themes are listed on this website under "School Calendar."  The weekly classroom curriculum for this class is sent to parents weekly from your teachers, either via e-news and/or using the Sangha App.  If you have trouble receiving your curriculum, please contact the office.  Thank you!

The following is some procedural information that some of you learned at Orientation, about our wonderful Twos program.

          Daily Schedule: The children will learn many self-help skills through a child-centered yet structured program. They are becoming familiar with our daily schedule, and when and how to participate in all aspects of our routine.

          Social Skills: Children are using their manners very well during snack and circle time! Throughout this year, the children will engage in cooperative play, in which children first plan their play, and then enact their ideas together.  We look forward to many new discoveries!

          Reminders: Please label all outerwear such as jackets and hats.  Some of the children may become a bit cold in the morning, and providing a sweater or light jacket will help children start their day more smoothly.

We look forward to a year full of learning and growth!


REMINDER:  The Evacuation Drill will be on Thursday, October 15th.  More information to follow.CURRICULUM FOR THE WEEK OF September 21st


Dear Parents,

Thank you for bringing an apple last week.  The children enjoyed tasting and exploring the different apples!

The children might begin to notice the change in the seasons; the weather is cooler and depending on where you live, sweaters and jackets come out of the closet again. The leaves on the trees may be changing color.  This week's theme is about "Trees and Leaves."

Manipulative Activities:  The children will be observing leaves and magnifying glasses, lacing, counting, matching, sorting, beading, fall leaves in dramatic play and we rake them up.

Art Activities:  The children will water color paint on diffusing leaf cut outs, chunky leaf stamp painting, marble painting on leaf cut outS and other fun activities.

We will be reading books like Log Hotel, Mighty Tree, Red Leaves Yellow Leaves, When the Leaf Blew In, We're Going on a Leaf Hunt and many more.

Just a friendly reminder that Sharing Day will be every Friday starting this Friday, October 2nd.  We sent home the yellow sharing bag last Friday with your child.  Children can share whatever they want except for anything fragile, weapons or any sword-Like items.  The item should also fit inside the yellow sharing bag.

Thank you for your cooperation! 

Best Regards,

The Meadow Room Teachers



Theme:  Squirrels and Acorns

Manipulative Activities:

  • sorting acorns by color
  • sorting by size
  • beading
  • lacing
  • matching shakers
  • magnet board

Art Activities:

  • sponge painting acorns
  • kosh ball squirrels
  • fall collages
  • oil pastels


  • Our Tree Named Steve
  • It's Okay to Make Mistakes
  • Jo MacDonald Hiked in the Woods
  • Yes We Can!
  • One to Ten

Thank you parents for bringing an apple last week.  The children enjoyed counting, weighing, looking at the different colored apples, exploring the apples attached to the leaves and tasting the different apples!


Best regards,

The Meadow Room Teachers

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