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2AY & 2PY: 2-year-olds T/Th mornings or afternoons

Greetings from your 2AM Meadow Teachers! 

Dear our Twos Meadow/Yellow Room Parents:  The children are diong well this year  and they have all transitioned.  

All 2AM classroom themes are listed on this website under "School Calendar."  

Welcome back to school and Happy New Year to all!

Curriculum for Week of January 26th -- This week our theme is "Transportation."  During Activity Hour, the children choose from and engage with the construction site sand and diggers, tables puzzles, different sized & types of cars, our train set, the magnetic transportation pieces, a sound puzzle, wood shapes & trucks, and the road rug with vehicles.  Our art activities will include painting hot air balloons, playdough transportation sculptures, painting the space shuttle, and free art.  For our Circle Time, we will have fun engaging and singing The Wheels on the Bus, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Let’s Go Ride &  I’m Working on the Railroad.  We will read books including My Car, Machine At Work, I Love Trucks!, and I Love Trains!

Curriculum for Week of February 2nd  -- This week our theme is "Valentine's."  During Activity Hour, the children will choose from and engage in sorting small, medium and large hearts, completing a fun floor puzzle, stickers on haerts, and rubber heart stamping.  During Circle Time, we will be singing My Valentine, I Low You and Skidamarink.  We will be reading books including I Spy Little Hearts, A Friend Likes You, Skidamarink, Froggy's Frist Kiss, Lily's Chocolate Heart and I Low You.  For our art activiites, the children will be making their own Valentine's bags, completing a collage using heart shapes, painting with heart cookie cutters, and making glittery hearts.  

NOTE: Thursday, February 12th, we will not have class but will have our parent/teacher conferences (HOLIDAY DROP-IN CARE PROVIDED DURING CONFERENCES).  We are closed for Winter Break February 16th through 20th (F/T HOLIDAY CARE FOR PRESCHOOL & ELEMENTARY CHILDREN PROVIDED).

Curriculum for Week of Feburary 9th --  This week, we will continue the theme of "Valentine's Day."  The activitives during our activity hours this week include putting pegs on heart boxes, string beading, hammering pegs, puzzles, playdough, heart shaped stickers, marble paint hearts, and foam stickers on hearts.  During cirlc time, we will participate in and sing If You Love Me, You Know It, Skidamarink, and I Love You, and we will read together Emily’s Valentine Party, I Love You (A Rebus Poem) and Miss Mouse’s Day.


Welcome back! We hope you had a restful vacation.  Wasn't the weather beautiful?  It seems we are back and worth this winter -- please dress your child in warm clothes.  Thanks!

Curriculum for Week of Feburary 23rd -- Our theme this week is "Pets."  The activitives during our activity hours this week include matching opposites, matching colored dog puzzles, cutting stickers, playing pet store, guess the animal, play dough, floor play, sponge painting on a cat cutout, art dot fish, feathered parrots, and water color dogs.  At circle time, we will participate in and sing B-I-N-G-O, Pussycat, Pussycat, and Little Bunny Foo Foo.  We will read books:  Pop-Out Pets, Bad Dog Flash, Smooch Your Pooch, If You See a Kitten, Please, Puppy Please, Five Little Kittens

Curriculum for Week of March 2nd -- Our theme this week is "Community Helpers" and "Health."  The activitives during our activity hours this week include Community Helpers and their tools (puzzles), cotton balls transfer, pegs and pegboard, hammering balls, building with bristles, play dough, dramatic play: doctors & nurses, magnetic board, and sorting, and the children's art activities include painting with foam shapes, painting with egg beaters, collages and free art.  During circle time, the children will paricipate and sing along to songs & finger plays and music & movement CD’s.  The books we will read together will include Going to the Dentist, Doctor Vet, and A Visit to the Doctor. 

The following is some procedural information that some of your learned at Orientation, about our wonderful Twos program.

          Daily Schedule: The children will learn many self-help skills through a child-centered yet structured program. They are becoming familiar with our daily schedule, and when and how to participate in all aspects of our routine.

          Social Skills: Children are using their manners very well during snack and circle time! Throughout this year, the children will engage in cooperative play, in which children first plan their play, and then enact their ideas together.  We look forward to many new discoveries!

          Reminders: Please label all outerwear such as jackets and hats.  Some of the children may become a bit cold in the morning, and providing a sweater or light jacket will help children start their day more smoothly.

We look forward to a year full of learning and growth!

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