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3AY: 3-year-olds MWF mornings

Dear Meadow/Yellow Room Families,

         We want to welcome you to Montecito Preschool!  Miss Paula, Mrs. Q, Miss Louise and Miss Sarah are the teachers in this classroom this year.  Over the course of the year, we will build on sharing skills, develop your child’s social skills, support their desire to try new things and give them opportunities to enhance their manners in a caring environment, as well as develop their autonomy.

        All our themes are listed on the "School Calendar" on the website.  We have our themes listed for about 1 month at a time.

Welcom back to school and Happy New Year to all!

Curriculum for Week of February 2nd --  This week our theme is "Valentine's Day.  During activity hour, the children will engage in many activities, including heart chunky stamp painting, roller paint on heart doilies, heart foldovers, matching patterned hearts, valentine maze, sorting & categorizing small, medium & large hearts, Valentine floor puzzle, making/decorating Valentine's bags, collages on heart shapes,painting hearts with scrapers, tracing heart shapes, matching colored hearts, patterning & counting hearts.  During circle time, the children will participate in and sing My Valentine, Skidamarink, If You Love Me and You Know It.  We will read the following books together:  I Love You (A rebus poem), Clifford, We Love You, I Spy Little Heart, A Friend Like You, Froggy’s First Kiss, The Day It Rained Hearts, The Things I Love About Family, and Lilly’s Chocolate Heart.

Curriculum for Week of February 9th --  This week we will continue with our theme from last week, "Valentine's Day."  During activity hour, the children will engage in many fun activities such as linking shapes, free art, number pairs, counting/color sorting, patterning & matching, make heart shapes with playdough, X and O matching, putting pegs on a heart box, stringing 2 color beads, making a pattern, tracing hearts, marble paint hearts, foam stickers on hearts, glue heart doilies.  During circle time, we will read the follow books together:  I Love You All Day Long, Where’s My Hug?, Valentine’s Day, Kiss Good Night, The Runaway Hug, I Love You, Skidamarink, My Valentine,  andTwo Little Cupids

REMINDERS: Friday, February 11 is our Valentine’s Day party during class.  February 13th we have no class during the Parent/Teacher Conferences (but P/T & F/T Holiday Care). 

WEEK OF FEBURARY 16TH -- WINTER BREAK (NO SCHOOL, but Holiday Care available!)

Welcome back! We hope you had a restful vacation.  Wasn't the weather beautiful?  Although we have had lots of sunshine, please remember to dress dress your child in warm clothes since it is still winter. Thanks!

Curriculum for Week of February 23rd --This week our theme is "Pets."  During activity hour, the children will enggage in many activities including feathered parrots, bird collages, fur collages on a cat, art dots on fish, painting on a dog cut out, fish collages on a fish bowl, sponge painting on a turtle, matching opposites, patterning with dogs, matching dogs, puzzles, sequencing concentration with dots on cats, tracing animals, and matching birds.  During circle time, the children will participate in and sing B-I-N-G-O, Pussycat, Pussycat, Little Bunny Foo Foo, and we will read the following books:  A Kitten Tale, My Cats Nick & Nora, Please, Puppy Please, Hot Rod Hamster, The Dog Who Cried Wolf, Smooch Your Pooch, Five Little Kittens, and Giant Pop-Out Pets.

 Curriculum for Week of March 2nd -- This week our theme is "Community Helpers" and "Health."  During free choice hour, the children will engage in activities such as matching community helpers, finger painting, bottle painting, matching tools to the right helpers, Community helper table puzzles, brush tiles with toothbrush & toothpaste, lacing a tooth and community helpers dress-up/dramatic play.  The art activities will include painting with foam shapes, patingin with egg beaters, collage making and free art.  During circle time, the children will participate in and sing Brush Your Teeth, This is the Way..., and Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling; My Son John.  The books we will read together include Going to the Dentist, Doctor, Vet, A Visit to the Doctor, Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox ,Titus’s Troublesome Tooth, Clifford Visits The Hospital, Little Rabbit’s Loose Tooth, and Froggy Goes To The Doctor.  


Our goal is to help facilitate a transition into the classroom and allow your child to separate from his/her parents into a safe, loving environment.  To assist in this process, here are some things you can do to help: 

  1. If you are driving, please drop off your child at the scheduled time each day and try to leave campus as quickly as possible.
  2. If you walk-in, please say “goodbye” at the door, and then try to leave as quickly as possible.
  3. If your child was particularly upset when you left, after 30 minutes please feel free to phone the office for an update.  The office will check with the teachers and let you know how your child is doing. If your child is overly stressed, we will contact you immediately.  

Daily Schedule

8:30- 8:45       Arrival Time

8:45- 9:00       Outdoor Play Time

9:00- 9:30       Bike Time

9:30- 9:45       Welcome / Circle Time

9:45-10:30      Activity Time

10:30- 10:35   Clean Up

10:35- 10:50   Snack Time

10:50- 11:05    Small Groups

11:05- 11:30    Outdoor Play / Clean Up

11:30- 11:45    Closing Circle / Departure 

Buddy Bear Program

     Buddy Bear will go home on Friday and come back to school on Monday.  The child will choose a few weekend clothes for the bear (& maybe even give them a temporary name).  They will get a special journal to write about (dictated by your child to you, to write on their behalf) and/or draw about (by your child) the bear’s weekend adventures!  The following Monday, your child will then share during Circle Time about Buddy Bears’ weekend. We will start this program in September.

 Small Group

    Our class will start small group in September.  Children will be separated into 4 groups of about 6 children each; this will be their small group for the year.  The small group students will stay the same, but the teachers will rotate groups once a month for each teacher & student to get to know each other better.  Sharing Day will be every Friday starting in September, during the small group time.  Children can share whatever they want, except for anything fragile.  Please put it in sharing yellow bag.          

Extra Clothing

    Please bring in an extra set of clothes for your child to keep at school for the year, in the plastic bags we have provided and label the pieces with their name and room code (3AY).  Also, please label their jackets they bring daily, so we know who they belong to.

Special Snacks

    Please limit special treats to birthdays and remember that all snacks must be previewed by a teacher before you bring them to school.  This way we can ensure that all children (including those with food allergies) can have the special snack you’re providing.

 Parent/Guardian Visiting Days

    Our Parent Visiting Day will be scheduled sometime in the early spring (in March or April)   On this day, at least 1 parent/guardian must stay the entire session with their child, as we will have special activities that day.

Contacting Your Teachers 

Call & leave a message for us at:  Miss Paula  650-968-5957 ext. 317 and Mrs. Q ext. 324.  If time sensitive you can call the office and they will give us the message. 

OR E-mail us at:   mwfamyellowroom@montecitopreschool.com

  Thank you for allowing us the privilege of caring for your child.  We look forward to a wonderful, fun-filled year of loving, learning & exploration!

Montecito School 1468 Grant Road, Los Altos, California 94024 (650) 968-5957