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Families that read together succeed together

Set a date, arrange a special time to read together every day. Try before bed, in the morning, after dinner - whatever works best for your family. Choose fun books, visit your library or check Montecito’s reading corner to choose interesting stories and books of all kinds. Select them together, or have each of you find something that excites you.                       

Get comfortable, find a quiet place where you can snuggle up and read with one another. Act it out, use different voices for the characters. Make faces and gestures, and add sound effects. Trade places, have each person who is able to read take a turn. Beginning readers can take shorter turns. Talk about it; questions about what you read, such as "How do you think this story will end?" or "What was your favorite part of the story? Why?"

Read it again, be willing to read favorite stories again and again. You and your child will enjoy this special time together and learn to read!
At this link you will find seasonal and topical favorites selected by our teachers to help support your family's reading activities:

Recommended Books for February

Recommended Books for Spring


Here are some books for Spring:

* Five Spring Fairies (a counting board book with flaps and pop ups - good for threes and fours)

* Spring is Here

* Once Upon a Springtime

* Wake Up, It's Spring!

* Splish, Splash, Spring


The Backpack Program

A home-based learning program, where we send your child home with a backpack, containing a book and an associated learning activity. This program is available to children in our 4- and 5-year-olds. The books and activities will be varied – but all will have a specific learning objective. Some will encourage pre-literacy skills, some will foster critical thinking, others will be math, art, or science oriented. These backpacks are yours to enyoy with your child at home for one week.

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