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Visit Montecito Preschool in Silicon Valley

We all want the best for our children. And here at Montecito Preschool, it’s our mission to provide your little ones with an academic setting that makes learning organic and fun. For six decades, we have put these alternative practices and principles to the test, showcasing that children are inherently intrigued by the world around them. With this innate passion for learning and discovery already present, it is then our job to further awaken this curiously through a hands-on and well-balanced curriculum.

teacher and student looking at each other through cardboard binoculars

The Importance of Developmentally Appropriate Learning

With our seasoned teachers’ tender guidance and support, we allow your child to call the shots. By building a curriculum around each unique child’s needs and interests, we have found that they are able to thrive at their own pace. Through academic, emergent, developmental, and play-based learning, your child is set up with an educational experience that works to enhance their imagination and critical thinking abilities as well as their social and emotional skills. From our free-choice activity hour to various learning environments, your child is given the independence to dictate their own curriculum.

Setting the Standard Since 1960

By reconstructing traditional learning environments, we give the children at Montecito Preschool the ability to learn more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. Our modern curriculum puts an emphasis on nature-focused learning environments and culturally inclusive activities, so your child can explore, invent, think, imagine, and try new things in a comfortable and safe setting. We cater to up to 350 families each a year, including preschool-aged children (2-5 years old) and elementary children (K-5th). As a quality and versatile private learning center, we provide drop-in care year-round, summer camps, and even holiday care when many public schools are closed (see the information about our drop-in care programs). Our classes and programs cater to each unique child who walks through our doors, so schedule a tour today to see for yourself why we are the Bay Area’s premier choice for early childhood development and education.

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