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Our Teaching Staff

Montecito Preschool carefully selects teaching staff from qualified applicants. We conduct working interviews – There is nothing like watching a teacher in action with children and with a teaching team. References and credentials are carefully reviewed before offering teaching positions to potential applicants. Background checks and fingerprinting clearance are also made prior to employment. Each teacher has satisfied all the health/physical and Licensing requirements (like completing the Mandated Reporter and Child Abuse certifications and all teachers & the Director are CPR/First Aid certified).

We have annual teacher trainings and in-class coaching for every teacher at Montecito Preschool. Our teachers are committed to providing an enriching and nurturing learning environment that emphasizes all aspects of development. This includes providing activities and guidance in a play-like setting in order to promote social, emotional, cognitive/academic, and physical growth. As specially trained, highly dedicated individuals, our staff takes a passionate interest in educating young children.

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