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Enrollment for 2023/24 Begins on Nov. 14th!

Enrollment Forms

To enroll for any class or program, please complete an Application for Enrollment, sign the Admissions Agreement and submit these forms in person along with your enrollment fees. We will give you a receipt at the time of enrollment. On or before your child’s first day of attendance, we also require a you complete one-time forms for your child’s file (mostly Licensing requirements). To find these forms, please click the form link below. You may also submit these forms via email to

2023-24 Application for Enrollment
2023-24 Enrollment Letter
Signed 2023-24 Admissions Agreement
Back Up Care Forms

(Please first download the PDF to complete and submit)

Medical and Emergency Information
Physician’s Report
Referral Coupon
Required Attendance Forms
Summer Camp 2023 Application Enrollment Begins Feb 27th!
Summer 2023 Camp Description
Teachers Information Sheet
Twos Transition Letter
Update of Records
Allergy Action Plan / Anaphylactic Reaction Emergency Procedure Form
Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

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