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Montecito Preschool Testimonials

"Montecito has been my family's home for the past 3 years. My oldest daughter went here for 3 years and my youngest is in her 2nd year here, and we love it."

Katie B.

"I currently have 2 kiddos attending this adorable preschool, and it's been great. The teachers are all super invested in them, and always give me feedback and tell me stories about their day. They often send pictures of them during class, which is super fun to get. The structure is play based, and they incorporate learning with every activity. My kids speech and social skills drastically improved after starting there."

Karen F.

"If you are looking for a play-based preschool with a great outdoor space, look no further! Our child loves the large bike area, wide range of well-planned activities, and all of the animals."


"Montecito school has been a huge part of my kid's childhood. The play based preschool offers more than just academic achievement. My daughters both have gone here, my oldest who is now 9 spent 3 years here. I started her at 2 1/2 because she was very shy. I felt this school was not intimidating, rather very welcoming and warm. She gained confidence, life long friends and tremendous social skills! I was a young single parent and the rates were and are very reasonable. Even after my older one finished up her time at Montecito, I absolutely knew this was my first and only choice for my second daughter!"

Tiffany T.

"Best play-based preschool and staff in the bay area!!!!"

Nus. S.

"My son attended this school for 2 years. He loved it and the teachers were great. The atmosphere is beautiful. It is a play-based school with a lot of outside time and time to be creative."

Montecito Parent

"We recently moved from Europe to California. We've been looking for a play-based preschool for our 4-year-old "full of power” daughter. We think it's one of the best preschool's in the bay area. Each class has its own playground and amazing bike trail and little pets like chicken, rabbits, lizards, bullfrog.... The teachers are very patient, experienced and very friendly to their little students. I would recommend this school."

Suna K.

"My son went to Montecito for 2 years and my daughter will do so when she's old enough. The teachers are warm and truly love the kids even if there is a language barrier sometimes. The campus is gorgeous and truly inspires kids to explore. For new parents sometimes things are a bit confusing but if you ask questions you'll quickly understand. I spent time volunteering and getting involved in the school and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the kids and the teachers and I am in love with the school now."

Brooke K.

"The class size is just right. There are very qualified people that spend hours preparing every day. There are also helpers that reduce the ratio to about four to one. It only takes one person that knows what they are doing to direct the class activities. The kids have access to a lot of materials and ideas that you just can’t provide at home. I attend class occasionally and i'm exhausted just watching the pace at which things move. It’s all very well thought out and well timed."


"My child has attended Montecito for the past year in the two-year old program, and we have been very happy with the school. The campus is lovely, and there are lots of fun things for the kids to play with. My son always comes home happy."

Ronda G.

"Montecito preschool is one of the best kept secrets out there!! My sons have been attending this school since last summer. Their summer camp offerings are out of this world and we enjoyed it so much last year that we are going to put them in for the whole summer this year. I can’t wait to see Music and Magic camp again. My boys still have their capes."

Gwen E.

"No words can express what an amazing school Montecito is for kids. My son has been at this school for 2 years and he loves it. The staff are all very loving and Erin the director is so accommodating and will do anything to make parents life easier. It is a beautiful school with an amazing setting and just a pure paradise for kids. I love this school and so thankful for all the staff and all the care my son got there and is still getting. Thank you, Montecito!"

Marie B.

"My daughter is in her second year at Montecito and we could not be happier. In fact, we recently moved from Mountain View to Los Gatos and continue to drive her up to Los Altos three days a week because we couldn't find anywhere down here that we liked even half as much!"

Kristine Z.

"My daughter was in Montecito for 2 years. She loved it from day 1 on, and never asked to stay home instead of school. My favorite aspects are beautiful campus, lots of physical activities, and development of social skills. Kids are very friendly towards each other."

Olga B.

"We love this school. My daughter went there 2 1/2 years and now my son goes there. We chose it because it is play based and there is a lot of outside play with bikes, hula hoops, a small trampoline, and a tree swing. There are 4 classrooms and each one has their own playground. We have loved every teacher we have had. We've been so pleased. The teachers are very kind and considerate with the children. By the time my daughter left Montecito, she was prepared and ready for Kindergarten and I believe my son will be, too."

Kelly K.

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