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Now Enrolling For Summer Camps

Montecito Summer School Camps

Enrollment for Summer School begins at the end of February each year. Summers at Montecito are full of imaginative summer fun! If your child is a terrific two, thrilling three, fantastic four, Kindergarten or elementary age child up to 5th grade, he or she will enjoy activities inspired by the camps below. Students are divided into groups by age and abilities. Every year we change our camp themes …Wait until you see what we have in store this year!

Imaginarium – Artistic Adventures

Moving & Grooving – Outdoor Explorers

Weeks 1 & 2: June 21st – July 1st

No school Monday, June 20th for Teacher Workday

Let’s explore our creative, artistic and adventurous selves! Use
different materials to create your awesome art. Explore and engage
with nature, gardening, camping, animals and more! Become a
pirate, a jungle animal and a rodeo star!

• Create using clay, paint, fabric & glue
• Discover & explore art found in nature & in food
• Sewing & jewelry making, building with wood, PVC pipe and
natural materials
• Gardening & conservation
• Camping adventures & exploring the outdoors
• Nature walks, animal life cycles & bug hunts
• Pirate, Jungle & Rodeo adventures!

Cool Creative Cooks

Ooey Gooey Mad Science Lab

Weeks 3 & 4: July 5th – 15th

Awaken your child’s mind to the marvels of the world of food and become a mad scientist.
Measure, pour and create. Discover, observe, experiment, learn cause & effect, use math in
cooking and in the lab, and develop critical thinking!

• Use your taste buds, explore textures and delight in cooking!
• Take home a cookbook full of new recipes.
• Be creative, discover different foods in nature & at home!
• Make breads, cookies & snacks together
• Measure, pour, stir, combine & weigh
• Learn shapes, sizes & weight variations in the kitchen & in the
• Scientific exploration with liquids, play dough, invisible ink &
• Build with hardware gadgets, foam, PVC pipe and wood.
• Cause objects to fly, sink, float, & create volcanoes.

Awesome Athletes

Week 5: July 18th – 22nd

Explore and challenge your physical body, develop skills and your muscles large
and small. Engage in group cooperation and teamwork through fun indoor and
outdoor games, obstacle courses, races and more!

• Participate in relay races with your friends!
• Develop your muscles and your strategy through creative obstacle
• Play basketball, soccer and field hockey.
• Build teamwork & sportsmanship skills through competitive, fun
• Wear your favorite jersey to sports camp.
• Explore strategies through small and large board games, indoors
and outside!
• Challenge your physical body and run, jump, play and score!



little boy playing with bubbles

Music & Magic Camp

Weeks 6 & 7: July 25th – August 5th

At the end of summer, children will look forward to two (2) weeks of being delighted
with musical and magical adventures in this popular camp, taught by Teacher Phillip (Mimo
the Magician) and our magical teachers. Come to create & perform with us!
• Campers will learn and take the “magician’s oath.”
• Mini Magicians make their own magic tricks and decorate
capes & magician’s hats.
• Mini Musicians will create their own musical instruments
and learn new songs.
• Enjoy the over-the-top “water day!” We will eat our
snacks in our bathing suits and on our beach towels,
enjoy a giant water slide, play with water toys and the
slip-n-slide and play water splash ball games!
• Share tricks and songs with parents in a dazzling
performance at the end of camp!


Our annual Ice Cream Social to follow the M&M Camp performance on Friday August 5th

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